Lawn Care Program

We provide Spring to Fall services!

At Labadi Lawn Care, we provide nearly year round lawn care services to both residential and commercial customers, and offer organic options for homes with children and pets.

Our services include:

Spring Application – Granular Fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, weed control.

Early Summer Application – Slow release granular fertilizer, surface insect control, broadleaf weed control.

Mid-Summer Application – Slow release granular fertilizer, broadleaf weed control.

Late Summer/Fall Application – Granular fertilizer.

Late Fall Application – Balanced high potassium winterizer.

Tree & Shrub Program

Expert services that strengthen your perennials!

At Labadi Lawn Care, we can help your trees and shrubs flourish. Whether you’re in an office park or a homeowner, call us to help your plants grow stronger and healthier than ever before.

Our services include:

Spring Deep Root Feeding – Promotes vigorous growth during the year by ensuring proper nutrients are received in the root system.

Spring Dormant Oil – Is essential to reducing the insect population right from the start by killing all of the eggs and larvae that have overwintered and will hatch once the warm weather arrives.

Spring Spray – To treat the eggs of gypsy moths, june bugs, aphids, mites and more.

Summer Spray – To spray the mites, Japanese beetles and more.

Late Summer Spray – To spray the aphids, mites and tent caterpillars which are unsightly.

Fall Dormant Oil – Greatly reduces the number of eggs and larvae that will hatch for next season.

Fall Deep Root Feeding – The fertilization will help your trees and shrubs overcome summer stress and prepare for next season.

Additional Services

Ask about our different services!

At Labadi Lawn Care, we provide more than just basic lawn care; we have full grub control programs, lime balancing, disease control and prevention, aeration, and more.

Our services include:

Grub Control – Recommended if there is a past history of grubs or if Japanese Beetles are heavy in July.

Lime – Balances the PH levels in the soil.

Disease Control – Controls fungal diseases.

Core Aeration – Increases water, air and nutrient penetration to the grass roots, reducing thatch and promoting vigorous growth.

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Serving Southern, NH

We service Southern & Seacoast NH including, but not limited to Derry, Exeter, Kingston, Hampton, Rye, and Brentwood.

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From the Lawn...

"...our lawn looks amazing and they've helped us keep the ticks away."

- Exeter, NH

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