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At Labadi Lawn Care, we provide more than just basic lawn care; we have full grub control programs, lime balancing, disease control and prevention, aeration, and more.

Our services include:

Grub Control – Recommended if there is a past history of grubs or if Japanese Beetles are heavy in July.

Lime – Balances the PH levels in the soil.

Disease Control – Controls fungal diseases.

Core Aeration – Increases water, air and nutrient penetration to the grass roots, reducing thatch and promoting vigorous growth.

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Serving Southern, NH

We service Southern & Seacoast NH including, but not limited to Derry, Exeter, Kingston, Hampton, Rye, and Brentwood.

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From the Lawn...

"...our lawn looks amazing and they've helped us keep the ticks away."

- Exeter, NH

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